Old, staying for reference [Unimog 1300- my first (old) trial truck]

This is a recovery of some information from the NXTlog :

“This is my first remote controlled trial truck. The Mercedes Unimog U1300. A trial truck is a truck that should go over rough terrain. The unimog has 4X4 drive, front independent suspension and rear pendular suspension. I Used Sariel’s worm gear casing in this truck’s drivetrain to make enough torque so it will be able to complete rough terrain tasks.

as I built this model there were 3 main variants of the suspension:
first I did an independent suspension for both rear and front wheels. This came out working well, but I figured out that rear pendular would be even better.
Second, as mentioned before, I made a rear pendular-independent suspension. I was really scared for the Universal-Joints as one broke.
So I decided to take the rear U joints out.
The last and best rear suspension was
(and is still) a rear pendular with gears (not U joints).”

as well the truck holds a (of cours fake) R4 engine and is powered by one NXT motor.

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