Old, staying for reference [Kamaz 6560 Trial Truck]

A trial truck model of the russian truck KAMAZ 6560. It is powered by two NXT motors, one for each pair of wheels, and a third motor for steering. Because of the pendular suspension the truck has, the steering axle must be able to extend , therefor I used a big version of an extendable driveshaft:

As the gear ratio is 5:1 the truck is strong! And the elastic full pendular suspension gives it good “touch” with the surface , in my opinion the truck performs great!!

I received today my bricklink order, containing a pneumatic cylinder, I had to try it out, so i attached a stupid little pirate ¬†flag at the truck’s butt- that can raise and lower itself pneumatically.

Actually, this truck is the second generation kamaz 8×8 truck I made. The first one was much faster but much weaker.So it was fun to play around with it in a flat and even muddy surfaces, but when it came to real obstacles-it did no good..

Some technical stuff:

  • Power: electric- lego NXT
  • 8×8 All Wheels driven
  • one pneumatic circuit
  • full pendular suspension

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