Old, staying for reference [HALO 3: Warthog]

The Warthog is a military vehicle used in “HALO 3”-a video game. It is used for assault  combat and troop transportation.

In the lego model I made are some of the original functions:


  • 4 Link Suspension- A great type of suspension that gives the vehicle a great shock absorbing method. As well as it can tilt the axles lika a pendular suspension (left and right) it can lift them just like an independent suspension (up and down)
  • 4x4x4- It means the vehicle isn’t only 4×4 (all wheels driven) its also 4 wheels steered. 4x4x4 makes it easier  to make sharp turns at full speed.
  • Machine-gun Turrent- I attached a pneumatic turrent to the back of the Warthog. It can lift up and down pneumatically and turn side to side by an ugly placed (not in photos) M motor.

Because I’m building with the NXT The battery pack (brain brick) and the motors are much larger than usual. So this truck has an “ugly side” – the side where the motor slightly pop-up, that actually doesn’t bother me alot….

The Warthog has 2 differentials-front and rear, that helps turning a lot.

For conclusion:

  • Warthog
  • 4x4x4
  • 2 NXT motors
  • 1.79:1 gear ratio
  • 65 RPM





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