Old, staying for reference [MAN TGA UNICAT EX-70 HDQ]

An all terrain truck, originally based on the MAN TGA chassis. My lego version is simply a 6×6 rally truck

Firstly this project was ment to be a quick ‘just for fun, project but as it was finished I notices it performed very good so I continued it’s outer appearance  to make it look slightly more like a truck. Some time awhile I was thinking about making an opening front , pneumatically, so fixing stuff inside the cabin will be easier and cooler…..

Now the Unicat has this function! With one pneumatic hand compressor, a switch and a cylinder.

The suspension

The truck has two types of suspension: pendular and 4 link.

  • Pendular suspension-gives the rear 4 wheels of the truck the ability to ” go up and down” like a pedal does. It helps a lot when trying to drive over some big obstacles- keeps  the rear/front  pair of wheels on the ground. It’s quite the same as my KAMAZ 8×8 had.
  • 4 Link Suspension- Actually this specific suspension arrangement is the same my warthog had. Only the front wheels obviously .

The truck is motorized  by 2 NXT motors and steered by one. because of that it is powerful and fast. So it could handle some rally tracks.


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