Old, staying for reference [ALVIS STALWART]

A trial truck model of the military truck Alvis Stalwart, also called “stolly”. A highly maneuverable  transportation and combat vehicle.

Data Sheet:

  • 6×6 Drive
  • 3 NXT motors
  • 2 Axles Steer
  • 1:13 scale

This project is a fast project, inspired mostly by Sariel, which made a lego stolly as well. It is all wheel driven with about 1:5 gearing. I Took out the differentials so the truck will be able to climb more easily  on various obstacles. The truck is driven by 2 NXT motors. The front 2 axles can steer, and are powered by a third motor. The power is delivered through the steered axles by 4 Universal Joints.

The truck is unfortunately not suspended well, the rear axle has a regular full pendular suspension, and the front 2 have a lackind pendular-with springs- suspension.(While I’m writing this I found out what the problem is, but there’s no time for fixing it now.. 😦 .) Anyway, the truck is driving very well off-road with this suspension but has a little balance problem. As the NXT Brick is huge, I usually find no place to put it other than the top of the model, which gives it a high point of weight .

For conclusion this model is a great little 6×6, drives and looks well…..

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