Old, staying for reference [MAZ 4×4]

Originally made for participating in the LEGO(TM) Technic Challenge. It’s a Maz 4×4 off road truck featuring:

  • 4×4 drive
  • Front axle pendular suspension
  • Front axle steering
  • A bit good looking cabin 🙂
  • Full remote control

As you saw (or not..) in my previous trucks the steering power was transfered through 2 U-joints. But not anymore! I recently figured out how to manage the “pendular steering”, I simply made the steering altitude the same as the driveshaft input. So they can rotate normally. This truck is a truck trial truck. It’s not fast as it’s strong, very strong.

The truck is able to climb all the way up a very steep way(of books 😉 ) and up a flat wall with 2 wheels. It is powered by 2 NXT motors and steered by 1. It is fully remote controlled via bluetooth.

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