Old, staying for reference [TATRA T815 8×8]

Large model of the 8×8 Czech military truck.. Featuring 8×8 drive 4×8 steering, full interior and exterior and remote control.


Actually I started thinking about building a tatra a while ago (if you followed my videos), but my final inspiration was Sariel’s Tata 6×6. Back then I tried to come up with a solid and strong design for the wheels power transfer- from the driveshaft to the wheelbase. As soon as I saw my design and even Sariel’s  were not efficient, I searched the net and found the amazing “TATRA MARATHON EDITION”, it had the ultimate power transfer. My truck’s shaft is inspired from him.

The usual Tatra trucks suspension is swinging half-axles. I achieved that kind of suspension by simply connecting a shock absorber to each one of the wheels and connecting them to the drivetrain in a way they can swing in an arc like shape.

The drive train was kept as simple as possible, in contrast to the older evolutions of it. It, now, has no gearbox- after it was found not working good enough. The drivetrain: there are two parallel axles that go along the chassis. They are connected to spin synchronically  via 2 -15t  gears. Each wheel has its own gear ratio fixing gears. That meand that every wheel has his own set of gears the give him enough torque for completing a truck trial race.

Now for its look, inside the cabin there are two adjustable seats, a working steering wheel and a working V8 fake engine powered by a micromotor. It’s usually disconnected because I have no more ports available on the NXT :(. Outside it was meant to look like a Tatra, as far as it looks like it….

The truck is controlled right now with a simple NXT to NXT bluetooth communication. I’v tried to write (in NXT-G) a program for a Speed Remote control using another motor as the speed  “clock”, well, it failed. So if you can help me with it, comment!

In my opinion this is my best truck so far and by far!



  1. Hi, nice TT but you had better resize your pictures, the navigation is very boring because the picture are very big (to load and to watch). To bad because the content is very interesting. You can resize automatically with plugin on WordPress such as NextGEN Gallery (in the option you can choose the size). Keep up the good work !

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