Old, staying for reference [Automatic Secured Vault]

Just a little project I wanted to integrate all my motors into.

A quite simple 3 chamber vault. Each vault is secured by its own physical lock and all the system is guarded by a digital pass-code. At the back of the model stands a mechanism that take the guarded stuff outside of their vault. It can move horizontally and also push, it stands and drives on a custom railing. The whole machine is controlled by 2 NXT bricks that communicate through bluetooth. The backside NXT controls the driving and pushing mechanisem as well as one physical lock. The other brick controls the 2 other locks. the protective digital passcode is written to that NXT too. In my opinion the programing was the main challenge for me at this project.

I guess there is nothing left to say, It’s just a simple and efficient ┬ámachine.

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