Old, staying for reference [Tatra T-815 8x8x8]

A large model of a Tatra T-815 truck. Powered using Power functions elements.

An upload from Costa Rica! Here at this beutiful country I get distracted every second by its beutiful natur and places I would like to drive my trucks at :p.

Now, back to our point, the truck. When I first thought of making an all wheels steered and driven truck I went back to Emilus’s crazy good truck that uses floating axles suspension. As I was building I met some seriouse steering issues and decided to quit this design. But I was left with HIS good and strong steering hub which inclueds a 1:3 gear reducion inside. In that point I went even further back to my Tatras, combined them with the steering hub, results- a 8x8x8 full independant suspension Tatra. A promising truck :).

So what do we get?

  • 8 wheel drive
  • 8 wheel steering
  • Working strong winch
  • “Almost” to scale body
  • Lockable trunk

Now for some details about the design:
The truck is propelled by 2 XL motors in a 1:83 reducion. The steering is powered by 2 M motors . Both motors drive 2 worm gears that drive together the main steering axle which goes along all the axles. Steering isa little  slow but very very strong! From the back of the truck another M motor turns a 24 tooth gear using a worm gear in order to attract or retract the winch. Also in the back, I made a lockable baggage trunk.

Yes I know the body is not to scale, I planned on fixing it when I come back but in one of the hotels here I saw a n OffRoad truck for tours or so, and it had Tatra suspension! So I want to try and build it right away when I come back.

So if you would like a new video or some more information SAY NOW because I will see it for about 2 hours until I tear it apart…

The WIP video:


UPDATE: This is not my computer so photos are HERE.


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