Old, staying for reference [6×6 TATRA Transportation Truck]

A model of a 6×6 Tatra transportation  truck. powered using the Power Functions Elements.  Featuring full 6×6 drive and full independent suspension.I first got the idea of making ANOTHER Tatra when I was in a vacation to Costa Rica. There, in one of the hotels, a truck like this one was driving jungle tours for guests(I’ll attach a picture when I’ll find my camera :)).

The actual chassis of the truck are the same as the 8x8x8 Tatra truck but with one axle off. And now for some details:

-6×6 drive

-Front axle steering

-1:9 gear ratio

-Illuminated V8 fake engine

The whole 6 wheels of the truck are powered by 2 XL motors, As the front axles’ steering is powered by 1 M motor. In my opinion the overall look of this truck is better than the other truck ancestors. This happens because I first tried to built-to-scale this truck. As you can see in the video below, I have putted 2 wheels inside the truck’s front part. I did it in order to make the weight distribution  better. And for the curious, the truck is powered overall by 2 battery boxes and controlled by 1 remote through 2 receivers.

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