Old, staying for reference [Disney’s Haunted Mansion]

An on-ride creation, a recreation of the famous Disney World attraction- Tha Haunted Mansion.

This big model is powered by 5 NXT motors and 2 NXT bricks. It includes in its ride:

  • Self opening grave
  • Th “endless hallway” With the flying lamp
  • The Ball room with ghosts
  • The graveyard

*All the scenes I made are actually on the real ride.

The main idea of this project was to make a video model. I thought it would be cool if I could place a camera on a moving surface, so when it moves it would simulate the  attraction from a point-of-view place. My irst idea was to place the camera on a lego 9V train. One NXT will operate the train from a non moving spot and another NXT will be on board the train and rotate the camera in 180 degrees of freedom. This idea was actually built, but disassembled because it had bad balance.

My second idea, And the one I used, was to place the camera on a 360 degrees rotating platform. So the modules would be placed around it.

The platform

The self opening grave-1 motor (combined with the endless hallway)

This module was the easiest one to make in my opinion. It’s actually just a box with an opening top. This module was lit by 1 non LEGO flashlight.

The “Endless Hallway”– 1 motor (combined with the self opening grave)

This module was a bit tricky, I wanted the lamp to move in the “air”, to rotate on its own axis and to glow. So what I did was I placed 2 NXT old lights on  some yellow bricks. Then I attached them to 2 gears that were connected to a back and forth moving axle.

The 2 moduls connected together.

The ball room– 1 motor

If you know this room from the real attraction you would know it is haunted by some ghosts that disappear f every few seconds. My room is no exception. I used the pepper’s ghost effect to make some ghosts! In this I placed a transparent piece of plastic in a 45 degrees angle to the actual scene. It is quite a long explanation so wikipedia is the place :). In order to light the hidden room, I placed a pair of PF lights on top of it, on NXT motor turned the lights on and off.

The Graveyard– 2 motors

In this part of the ride there are pop-up ghosts, skeletons and more frightening stuff! This haunted graveyard is a nice piece of quick work in my opinion 🙂 The 2 motors activate a circling ghost in the back and a pop-up one at front. The whole scene is lit by 1 non lego headlight.

I think that the overall creation was fine, I liked the idea but the lack of lego lights disrupted me building it the way I wanted too. Hope you liked it 🙂 .

For more pics, Brickshelf is your best choice!

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