Old, staying for reference [Grave Digger Mini Monster]

A small scale model of the american grave digger monster truck. [I know it should wear some bigger wheels, I just don’t own them!]

It all started when I tried building ANOTHER bigger scale Grave Digger, It was controlled by NXT and worked well, I think.. But I wanted to try something new. I remembered I could make a smaller 4 link suspension with the shorter (grey) links, so I started building. It was quite tricky to fit The 2 M motors and the battery box inside the little cab.

So what do we have?

  • 4×4 drive
  • Front axle steering
  • 4 link suspension
  • Realistic look- stickers
  • Front red lights-just like the real one.

The truck is pretty fast, it has a 1:3 gear reduction from a M motor. Another M controls the steering. I’m very happy about how the suspension ended up. It is as flexible as it should be, using the stiff yellow shock absorbers in the back, where the battery box is, the heavy part. And uses the red softer shock absorbers at front.


Some more photos:

Even more HERE.


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