Old, staying for reference [Lego Rock Crawler (With Instructions)]

IMG_1514 by yoraish

A rock crawling remote controlled vehicle. No obstacle too tough for it!

*Instructions Tab*

For a long time a saw other people build or drive rock crawlers, and their abilities amazed me. I never thought XL motors could give so much torque for a vehicle to give it a chance in going over the obstacles it clears. So I thought why not give it a try and see how good can I get?

The outcome is much much better than I expected, it can literally go over everything (well not everything, but lots of stuff :)). The first thing I started with was the suspension. Which is the four link suspension of course. From my prior experience I thought the links in this kind of suspension must all originate and end in the same line. But after a little research I figured out they don’t have to, a thing that really helped. The next thing I paid attention to was the chassis and the axles, lets start with the chassis. Chassis for a rock crawler must be dead simple and lightweight. So what I did was to build 2 flat (2D) sides of the chassis and connect them with horizontal liftarms. The chassis consist a battery box mounting place, a receiver and 4 ball joints to mount the shock absorbers on. And now for the axles, a rock crawler needs 2 strong solid axles. The rear axel was just a solid one. But the front one had to be steered, in order to get rid of ant U-joint problems I mounted the steering M motor to the axel itself.

That’s it for the design. Lets move on to its performance. In my opinion it has optimal speed. It isn’t too slow and boring and not too fast-it doesn’t slip off obstacles because of its speed.  If we talk about slipping, I must say that that the Lego tires impressed me. I never thought they will be so good! And the suspension works great as well. It has about 45 degrees of travel on each side, and as I know- thats good 😉

As I always write, a conclusion. So what are we left after all this rubbish?

  • A cool rock crawler with a VW Beetle  body
  • 4 link suspension
  • Lights
  • 2 XL’s for drive + M for steering
  • 4×4
Pictures!!!<<<<<click it


  1. I love this project and want to have some of my middle school students build it. However, they need building instructions. Can they be provided?

    • As you could have read in the description they are already made. All you need to do is is click on the Instruction tab above and download the .lxf file.
      I really appreciate your decision choosing my creation! Please keep me up to date with your progress. (Video is the best option if you could arrange that :))

      P.s. Don’t forget to watch the Corrections video for the instructions, because they are not perfect. LDD doesn’t have all the required parts.

  2. Hello Yoraish

    Ive got a Question:
    Id like to build your Little boy Rock crawler, but I havent all of the “special” bricks.
    Now, Id like to now from were, do you have this brick or were do you buy your brick for your creations.


  3. Thank you for your answer but i can’t fin the “lt steering gear” can you please post the link for this part?

    Thank you!

  4. i am very impressed. i love it and i couldn’t come close to that. i want to build it but i don’t have pf, so is there any way to do this with an NXT and motors?

    P.s. what remote do u use?

  5. i tried to make the front but i only have 4 of the 4 links, 3 live axles, and i am lacking a few other essential pieces so it might take time. i also might need to work to get that piece needed for the remote. the estimated time will be 1 month if i don’t run into any problems.

  6. Okay 1st where do i get the parts for this awesome project 2 where can i get the instructions besides uptop i cant open that for some reason really wierd huh well thx yoriash lemme know

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