PACERBOT – Introduction

Hi, I’m glad to finally share with you a project that I began about four months ago. The PACERBOT! An Arduino Uno based robot designed to pace track runners and perform as a physical guide. I will post brief summaries of my progress along the way, besides more detailed video logs.

Basically, the purpose of the robot is to pace runners, while measuring distance and recording time. The users will interface with the robot using a mobile app, that will create a Serial link between a smartphone and the Arduino over Bluetooth.  Line detection will be enabled using a few Adafruit color sensors. (spoiler alert – I’m writing “a few” because their number will increase over time (; ). These sensors all communicate with the Arduino using I2C. Although because they all have the same address, they need an additional multiplexer to act as a splitter between the sensors and the Arduino.

The robot can currently drive along a line in a poor way. Though the fact that it can sense it is reassuring. I am satisfied by the fact the sensors work properly.

Technical specifications:

  • Motor: HPI Saturn 27T Brushed Motor. With Wheely king transmission, axles and wheels.
  • ESC: vex motor controller 29
  • Color sensors: Adafruit TCS34725
  • Battery: 5000 mAh 2 cells Li-Po
  • Servo: Tower Pro MG995R
  • I2C Multiplexer: Adafruit TCA9548A


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