Automated Time-Lapse Generator – A Raspberry Pi Project

Making time-lapses takes time. And computers have patience. I know, I agree, time lapses should definitely be automated and taken based on information available online. Yes. Yes, I know, it’s way more convenient than leaving a phone somewhere and hoping that the app won’t die (come on apps you can do better than dying after filming for an hour).

One Raspberry Pi, a Camera, and an internet connection later, we have a thing that works and does just that!

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Robotic Whiteboard | Boarderline

Haven’t you always wanted to wake up to the sounds of stepper motors that are writing the day’s weather for you on a whiteboard? Well, now you can(!) because the robotic whiteboard is alive and functional! It took sweat, tears, ABS plastic prints, and C++ classes, but now it is ready for action! (-ish, will be explained soon). This robot can write any text string that’s being inputted to it and also write real-time and current weather.

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A Talking FISH

And today, something a little different! As part of the MIT class 6.08, which is intro to EECS with Interconnected Embedded Systems, my teammates and I created the FISH as our final project. In a nutshell, it is a smart fish that can answer many many of your questions and also wake you up in the morning!

Personally, I was in charge of some of the software functionalities (such as the alarms), of integrating the hardware and software, and of syncing the FISH’s mouth to speech. I also designed and built all of the hardware, from the electronic boards to the 3D printed parts.

This is the website we made as our final report, and down here is the showcase video:

p.s. If the website is down, please let me know and I’ll pull it up again 🙂