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Category: Robots

Robotic Whiteboard | Boarderline – A new thing on its way.

Update! [Video below] Event though it looks like one, it’s not a spelling error. There’s a board, and a line, so I thought “Boarderline” could be an absolutely amazing name. Feel free to criticize my thinking. I think I am starting to criticize my thinking too. Anyway, Boarderline is a robotic whiteboard. I want it to be internet connected, have API communication, and server side capabilities. Though so far only the mechanical side is done. Therefore, to celebrate that milestone (which I’m kinda happy with, I mean it took 3… Read more Robotic Whiteboard | Boarderline – A new thing on its way.

Autonomous Javelin Retrieving Robot – Javeliner

This robot returns things that people throw just so they could throw them again. Brilliant, I know. More specifically, this robot uses GPS to drive on the field (word #2 of Track&Field), and retrieve javelins from their landing point back to the athletes. Fun fact: I got to present it at MIT’s XFair! It is a tech-expo-career-fair mashup. It was really exciting.

PACERBOT Showcase Video!

The final video featuring PACERBOT. For additional information about this project, the way its software works, and the thought behind its design, take a look at the detailed video log series. All the episodes can be found in earlier posts. For any additional information feel free to contact me over at the Contact tab above.

PACERBOT – Introduction

Hi, I’m glad to finally share with you a project that I began about four months ago. The PACERBOT! An Arduino Uno based robot designed to pace track runners and perform as a physical guide. I will post brief summaries of my progress along the way, besides more detailed video logs.