Yorai Shaoul

Hi Hi Hello.
I am an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics.

I like to build robots. Surprising, I know!
On campus (back when that was a thing) I spent most of my free time at the lab or on the track– here’s me trying to jump far:

For more dad-jokes and endless fun, feel free to Contact me. And for professional inquiries, you are invited to my professional profile.

Recent projects:

Automated Time-Lapse Generator – A Raspberry Pi Project

Making time-lapses takes time. And computers have patience. I know, I agree, time lapses should definitely be automated and taken based on information available online. Yes. Yes, I know, it’s way more convenient than leaving a phone somewhere and hoping that the app won’t die (come on apps you can do better than dying after… Read more Automated Time-Lapse Generator – A Raspberry Pi Project