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A Talking FISH

And today, something a little different! As part of the MIT class 6.08, which is intro to EECS with Interconnected Embedded Systems, my teammates and I created the FISH as our final project. In a nutshell, it is a smart fish that can answer many many of your questions and also wake you up in the morning! Personally, I was in charge of some of the software functionalities (such as the alarms), of integrating the hardware and software, and of syncing the FISH’s mouth to speech. I also designed and… Read more A Talking FISH

Hotel Room Cleaning Monitor

Another engineering-wonder/nonsense-project that was just way too much fun to make. In short, it is an ESP32 with a PIR motion sensor that lives in a hotel room and updates a website with the latest time of a movement detection. This motivation for this project emerged about a week ago when I decided to try and work with Python scripts on MIT’s servers.