Yorai Shaoul.
I am in this picture.

Hi Hello.
I am a robotics engineer and a soon-to-be Ph.D. student in robotics.
My research interests lie at the intersection of robot autonomy, localization and mapping, and visual understanding for navigation and decision making. I am broadly interested in estimation problems, machine learning, and inference, in aerial, ground, and manipulation domains.

I spend most of my time at the lab or on the track– here’s me trying to jump far:


  • August 2022
    • Future me will be joining Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute as a Ph.D. student.
  • August 2021
    • I have joined Indoor Robotics as a Robotics Algorithm Engineer.
  • June 2021
    • I have graduated from MIT with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics.

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Recent projects: